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Registry: The Wedding Library Collection for NewlyWish

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First unveiled at our Wedding Party last weekend, The Wedding Library has teamed up with NewlyWish to create a beautiful registry line! It is coordinated by color and …

The Dirtiest Bachelorette Party Idea Ever

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Who needs Vegas? Pack up your bridal party and run through the mud. No, really. Photo from At a recent Warrior Dash in upstate New York, America’s …

Creative Ways to Photograph Your Wedding Party

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Photo by Limelife Photography via Exquisite Weddings Yes, a shot of your wedding party is mandatory, but the standard guys on one side, girls on the other middle …

Springtime Flair

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No matter what season it is, scarves are a fun way to spice up an outfit. They add color and drama to something as simple as a white …

Etiquette/Poll: Replace a Maid of Honor or Best Man?

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So your best friend from college got a new job and won’t be eligible for vacation. She (he?) won’t be able to be there — do you get …

For the Groom: Superheroes, All of Them

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I just stumbled upon this, and comic-book fan that I am, I thought it was incredibly fun! (Thanks to, and their GeekDad column!) (Used by kind permission …