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Telling Your Guests How to Dress: What's Appropriate?

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A group of guests in white for a real wedding via Nico Events Lots of factors come into play when dressing for a wedding: Is it outdoors or …

Etiquette: Are Guests Asking for Their Invitations Early?

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As more and more couples send their invitations well before the traditional six- to eight-week time frame, guests are adjusting, too, by becoming more impatient. One of our …

Etiquette: Should You Have a Mortgage Registry?

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In the last couple of weeks, I’ve gotten several press releases, soliciting brides with “register for your mortgage!” services. I suppose, in a way, mortgage registries aren’t much …

Etiquette: Does a "No" RSVP Hurt?

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I spoke with a bride today who was surprised by her reaction to “will not attend” response cards. She had expected to feel disappointed when people weren’t able …

Etiquette: A Gentle Nudge for RSVPs

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Shortly before her wedding, my cousin Kelsea did something ingenious: She invited me to her wedding via Facebook. Now, don’t get me wrong — that wasn’t her main …

Darcy's Idea of the Day

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Help your guests get dressed for your wedding by following a few of these etiquette tips…