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Cocktail Hour: The Eggnog Cocktail

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Now that Thanksgiving is over, I’m officially ready for winter, and this decadent eggnog recipe is the perfect way to get into the holiday spirit. …

Cocktail Hour: The Apple Cider Whiskey Sparkler

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If you’re on the hunt for an autumnal signature cocktail to serve at your wedding, consider this Apple Cider Whiskey Sparkler recipe…

Cocktail Hour: The Sweet Pear

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A bold concoction of bourbon, peach nectar, pear, and sage, the Sweet Pear is a great option for a fall or winter wedding. …

Cocktail Hour: The Pear-Lemon Fizz

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To celebrate the start of cooler weather and gorgeous foliage, I thought I’d share this Pear-Lemon Fizz cocktail. …

Cocktail Hour: The Citrus Martini

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For a lighter, fruitier twist on the classic Martini, try this Citrus Martini, which is crisp and refreshing with a hint of sweet clementine…

Cocktail of the Week: Hot Apple Cider with Sugared Cranberries

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A generous splash of bourbon or dark rum gives the farmhouse staple some extra kick…

Expert Advice: Wine Pairings for Your Wedding

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For the fall Issue of Martha Stewart Weddings, we sat down with food and beverage director Stephane Colling to get the scoop on choosing the right wines for …

Cocktail Hour: Frozen Ginger Lemon Drop

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If you’re looking for a signature wedding cocktail that is delicious and colorful, this Frozen Ginger Lemon Drop is just the ticket…