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Have Your Parents Met Your Fiance's Parents Yet?

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Because mine just did. After more than two and a half years of dating, we finally got our parents together for a dinner at Arezzo in Scott’s hometown …

Etiquette: How to Divide the Guest List When Parents Are Divorced

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Last week, I fielded a query from parents of the bride who are footing the bill for a 250-person wedding. The groom’s parents are divorced and both have remarried, …

Etiquette: Who Gets a Corsage or Boutonniere?

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This week, Nikki wrote to us at our AskMartha mailbox ( with this question: Who gets a corsage or boutonniere at my wedding? Money is tight, but she …

Etiquette: When Mom Wants Her Name on the Invite

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One of the recent queries to our AskMartha mailbox ( pointed out a clash between old traditions and our modern sensibilities. This bride’s divorced mom will be hosting …

Etiquette: An Argument for a Family Table

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Traditional seating charts place the couple at one table and their attendants and parents at another. This lets mom and dad serve directly as hosts to particularly close …

Etiquette: A Grand Entrance for the MOB?

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Many people think of the mother of the bride’s entrance as being a big part of the ceremony. But the truth is, it’s not a ceremonial entrance at …

Etiquette: Can You Ask Parents to Help Pay?

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Boy, money’s touchy, right? In addition to being worth something, it carries all sorts of really loaded emotional messages and symbolism: independence, generosity, obligation, gratitude, just to name …

Etiquette: Leaving a Parent Off the Wedding Invitation

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A reader recently reported that her fiancé’s parents wanted to be included on the invitation. Easy enough, but here was the hard part. As the bride put it: …