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Event Design: Choosing the Perfect Vessel

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Placing blooms in a great container or unique vase is like framing a photograph or painting — it finishes and defines the beauty of the flowers’ color palette …

Event Planning: Hudson Valley Inspiration

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The Hudson Valley area provides a perfect backdrop for a beautiful wedding, especially during the lush summer and crisp autumn months. Many of our clients having weddings there …

Event Design: Mood Lighting

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Good lighting at home or in a restaurant can create the ideal ambience. The same rules apply to a wedding. You can spend time, money, and energy on …

Event Design: Fresh Centerpieces

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I recently designed a beautiful wedding for two people who love and study animals. The bride and groom are both accomplished scientists and researchers, and they wanted to …

Event Design: Making Use of Spring Blooms

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This week, we finally have some glorious weather in New York City, and I’m delighted to see all of the daffodils, tulips, and hyacinth bulbs popping up all …

Wedding Planning: Figuring Out Your Flowers

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The sessions at the Flower School New York are filled with a fun and enthusiastic people from New York and all over the world. Lucky for me, I recently …

Event Design: Barn Wedding, Part 2

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I’m so glad everyone enjoyed my recent post featuring a beautiful country wedding in an old rustic barn. Today I’m sharing a few more images from this lovely …

Event Design: Barn Wedding, Part 1

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Barns and rustic venues are some of my favorite spaces to work with, but as we all know, they can be hard to find. The following photos, taken …