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REAL WEDDINGS: Lydia & Benjamin
Harrodsburg, Kentucky

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Lucky in Kentucky, Lydia and Benjamin found the ideal venue after a long search. Lo and behold, it was a spot they’d both visited as children, but hadn’t …

Real Weddings Follow-Up: Dean and Michael, The Photobooth

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For her Kentucky wedding, Dean made a gold backdrop and set up a photo booth for the reception. She and Mike stitched the pics together afterwards, making a …

Real Weddings Follow-Up: Dean and Michael, The Rehearsal Dinner

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For their Kentucky rehearsal dinner, Dean and Michael showed their guests another historic site, the Iroquois Hunt Club, which was founded in 1880 and named for the first …

Real Weddings Follow-Up: Dean and Michael's Wedding Vows

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Photo by Edyta Szyszlo On Friday you saw Dean and Michael’s magical wedding. One of the things I loved about them was how much of their own style, …

Real Weddings: Dean and Michael, Midway, Kentucky

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Sometimes you look at a photo (or dozens) of a couple and just know they were meant to be. That’s what I thought when I first looked at …

Real Weddings: Cameron and Mikey

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Here’s a great wedding with a neutral palette, one-of-a-kind monogram (and stationery suite), and great centerpieces! The Kentucky fete also has a few subtle Southern touches and plenty …

Real Weddings: Madeleine and Tora

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For the first time on The Bride’s Guide, we’ve got a Kentucky wedding! And, of course, Madeleine and Tora’s wedding has plenty of Southern charm! Photographer Jen Huang …