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Secret Source: Poppin

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Searching for the very prettiest of desk supplies? Look no further than Poppin! The site has well-designed versions of everyday office necessities and great things for your guest …

Template of the Week: "Love Always" Poster

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Print out this adorable poster and have guests sign it for a frameable keepsake you will “love” for “always”!…

Template of the Week: Conversation-Starter Guest Book

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Leave one of these guest books on each dinner table. The questions on their fronts will encourage conversation and inspire guests to pen sweet, funny notes…

The Royal Wedding: A Video Guest Book

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Want more proof that the most modern of royal couples is firmly entrenched in the digital age? Not only do they have a wedding website, but they’re steering …

Love It! Envelope Guest Book

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Our very own associate art director, Lauren Richel Kelly, makes the cutest guest books – who knew? I love the idea of friends and family tucking secret notes (that …

Template of the Week: Conversation Starter Guest Book

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“Best wishes,” “Have Fun,” “Congratulations”. . . we all know the familiar entries in the classic guest book — heartfelt, sure, but a little uninspired. Help your guests …

Behind the Scenes: Jenna and Jon's Guestbook

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By now  you’ve seen Jenna and Jon’s wedding in all its DIY glory. But what you didn’t see was their adorable guestbook. Jenna and Jon had a photo …