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Kristin Cavallari's Engagement Ring is Back On

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Former Laguna Beach star, Kristin Cavallari just took to Twitter to confirm that her engagement is back on to currently sidelined Chicago Bears QB Jay Cutler. Tongues started …

Let Sylvie Levine Help You Choose A Ring

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A few weeks ago we were lucky enough to sit down with Sylvie Levine, designer and owner of Sylvie Collection. Her advice about selecting an engagement ring is …

Something Old: Erica Weiner's Antique Wedding Bands

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When it comes to fashion, I’m a vintage devotee. So, no surprise that when it comes to rings, I gravitate towards antiques. Currently, I’m obsessing over Erica Weiner’s …

Jewelry: Mad About Turquoise

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Recently I met a designer for J.Crew who was wearing an insanely beautiful antique engagement ring. I can’t get her ring—a rose gold band with a round turquoise …

Jewelry: Ring Lust

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How INSANE are these raw diamond rings from Diamond in the Rough? I’m a yellow gold girl, so I’m partial to the pale cognac-colored stone (all the way …

Jewelry: Engaging Colors

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I love that Kate Middleton’s engagement ring is a sapphire. It’s a bold, unique choice, and it got me thinking about gemstone engagement rings, with or without diamonds, …

Jewelry: Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend

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You may find this hard to believe, but I wasn’t that into diamonds until I got my engagement ring. I mean, I always thought they were pretty, but …

Darcy's Idea of the Day

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Whether you’re looking for an engagement ring or jewelry for your wedding day, we’ve pulled together some of our favorite baubles to inspire you…