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Our Gorgeous Engagement Ring Story, Inspired By Grandpa's Workshop

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We were excited to get an inside look at the legendary Oscar Heyman studio, but were so taken by the experience that we styled our fall rings feature …

Love it! Whitney Stern's Tiny Treasures

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Looking for a super special gift for your bestie this holiday? Then check out Whitney Stern’s Tiny Treasure collection. Aptly named, the line of delicate chain bracelets and …

Bridal Market Party: Custom Temporary Tattoos

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I had hoped we could feature our editorial director Darcy wearing a full sleeve of diamond tattoos in this post, but she narrowly escaped! Fortunately, plenty of guests got …

Cop These Diamonds In The Rough

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Recently, I came across these stark stunners on Pennyweight. From Etsy vendor LexLuxe, the set’s raw, organic nature stole my heart in an instant. They have all the bling of a …

Love It! A Gorgeous Collection of Antique Engagement Rings

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If you’re the kind of girl who walks to the beat of her own drum, then nothing but an out-of-the-box ring should have a place on your left …

The Gems of Elizabeth Taylor at Auction

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The late, great actress and humanitarian Elizabeth Taylor was almost as well known for her lavish jewelry as for her movie roles. Now you can get close to …

Let Sylvie Levine Help You Choose A Ring

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A few weeks ago we were lucky enough to sit down with Sylvie Levine, designer and owner of Sylvie Collection. Her advice about selecting an engagement ring is …

Jewelry: Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend

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You may find this hard to believe, but I wasn’t that into diamonds until I got my engagement ring. I mean, I always thought they were pretty, but …