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Our 5 latest gifting obsessions for bridesmaids, guests, and more

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I can’t even STAND how much I want the Pineapple necklace from Fine by Dannijones.  In fact I would take anything from the new collection which is a …

4 Ways to Serve S'mores at Your Wedding

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Happy National S’mores Day! Feast your eyes on four wedding-worthy ways to eat this childhood favorite. Don’t worry: Even with a grown-up look, these chocolate-marshmallow-graham-cracker combos still taste …

Behind the Scenes: Marvelous Marble

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There were just too many great things we wanted to fit into our marble story from the spring issue! Here are some extras…

Tasty Treats by Pomona Chocolates

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Not too long ago we worked with Julie Lachowyn of Pomona Chocolates. She made the cutest little plaid sweets to pair with an invitation of a similar design, …

Neapolitan Color Inspiration

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There aren’t many flavor combinations as classic and as tasty as Neapolitan ice cream. For your big day, mix vanilla whites and creams with berry pinks, accented by …

Cacao Prieto NYC Pop-Up Store This Weekend

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Valentine’s Day is dear to our hearts at Martha Stewart Weddings. How could we not like a holiday that involves love and delicious sweets? So I thought I’d …

Marbleized Chocolate Editions

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I’ve got another delicious chocolate treat to give your Valentine, someone special at your wedding, or even yourself. Chocolate Editions’ salted dark chocolate bar is customized for Cupid’s …

Cakes and Confections: Bissinger's

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We had a box of Bissinger’s Valentine Petit Fours here at the office this week. Well, they barely lasted two days. People kept remarking how flavorful they were …