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Plan an Exciting Outdoor Entrance

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If you’re getting hitched indoors, it’s pretty easy to add excitement to your first appearance—any door that opens to reveal your smiling face will do. But if your …

Costume Change: Wedding Day Wardrobe

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I love watching each and every client bring their dreams to life with choices in hair, makeup, and fashion for their wedding day. But the fun isn’t only …

Try This Twist on Tradition!

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Your wedding may consist of many events (bridal shower, welcome dinner, and next-day brunch being just a few), but the ceremony is obviously the most important one. The ceremony …

The Royal Wedding: Responsive Prayer

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The responsive prayer is another way to feel connected to your family and friends during the ceremony. Responsive readings have the same effect. (In Christianity and Judaism, the …

The Royal Wedding: The Congregation Singing

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The first step in the wedding? A reminder that this is, after all, a church service. The congregation singing a hymn. There’s something tremendously uplifting and communal about …

The Royal Wedding: Download the Ceremony Music

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As if you needed any further proof that this royal couple is as modern as they come, here’s the newest: The music played at William and Kate’s ceremony …

The Royal Wedding: Kate and William's Wedding Music

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Like a truly modern couple, Catherine Middleton and Prince William have been very involved in planning their wedding, including all its little details. I was particularly tickled to see …

Etiquette: How Passionate a Kiss?

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“You may now kiss the bride.” That’s a classic line if ever there was one. And we like smooches here at the magazine. We’re so inspired by them, …