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Etiquette: When the Flower Girl Can't Afford the Dress

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I frequently field questions from our AskMartha mailbox (Got a q? Send it to me at: Here’s a recent one I thought you’d be interested in. It’s …

The Royal Wedding: The Bridal Party

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The makeup of a U.K. bridal party is quite different from that of the U.S.A. In British weddings, especially royal ones, the groom usually names a couple of …

The Royal Wedding: Kate and William's Website

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The official website for the wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton (she prefers that to “Kate”) is up! Along with pics of the couple, it dishes out …

Etiquette: What Does the Father of the Groom Wear?

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Anything he wants. (Sounds like  a punch line, doesn’t it?) Well, no, really, he wears something that matches the wedding’s level of formality. All guests do. For every …

Etiquette: Black Tie in the Morning?

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A friend recently received an invitation with the words “Black tie” in the lower right corner. The ceremony, however, was to be held at “half after eleven o’clock” …

Etiquette: Tell Guests What Color to Wear?

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Suppose you’re in love with the color blue, and you wish everyone who came to the wedding would wear one shade or another of it. Can you ask …

Etiquette: A Suit for a Second-Time Bride?

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The other day, a reader (sent via our mailbox) was worried about what to wear at her wedding. This is her second wedding, and she is 60 years …