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Etiquette: Can a Bridesmaid Say No?

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When you ask someone to be your bridesmaid, you’re giving her a great compliment: She’s in your closest circle, one of the people you most want by your …

Etiquette: Should Attendants Open Gifts at the Rehearsal Dinner?

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Wedding advice often suggests that the bride and groom distribute their gifts to the bridal party at the rehearsal dinner. But one of our readers wrote in a …

Etiquette: How Many Events Must Your Attendants Attend?

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I heard a story last week about a couple with: two engagement parties, three showers, three golf get-togethers, a “dress reveal,” a bridesmaid luncheon, bachelor and bachelorette parties, …

Etiquette/Poll: Replace a Maid of Honor or Best Man?

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So your best friend from college got a new job and won’t be eligible for vacation. She (he?) won’t be able to be there — do you get …

For the Groom: Superheroes, All of Them

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I just stumbled upon this, and comic-book fan that I am, I thought it was incredibly fun! (Thanks to, and their GeekDad column!) (Used by kind permission …

Etiquette: When the Flower Girl Can't Afford the Dress

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I frequently field questions from our AskMartha mailbox (Got a q? Send it to me at: Here’s a recent one I thought you’d be interested in. It’s …

The Royal Wedding: The Bridal Party

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The makeup of a U.K. bridal party is quite different from that of the U.S.A. In British weddings, especially royal ones, the groom usually names a couple of …

Etiquette: Who's Going to Help You in the Loo?

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For most brides, wrangling a wedding dress in and out of the bathroom is a logistical difficulty. Sometimes the volume of fabric is a problem* (cathedral train?). Or …