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Love It! Glam Clutch

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I’m dying over this sparkly number from J.Crew. It’s just the right size to store lipstick, powder (or blotting sheets!), tissues, and any other little essentials. Use it …

Love It! Kwiat's Charity: Water Bracelet

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Spending a week in Las Vegas’s dry, dry heat for the jewelry shows really made me grateful for the water I am privileged to drink. I couldn’t imagine …

Love It! Chic Bridesmaid Gifts

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How sweet are these pocket mirrors ($16) from Jayson Home & Garden?  I don’t know about you, but I’d love to carry one of these around in my purse. …

Registry: Campo de' Fiori

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I spent Memorial Day weekend in the Berkshires, and while there I had the pleasure of visiting Campo de’ Fiori, the makers of my favorite terra cotta pots. I’ve …

Love It! Anniversary Cards

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I just spotted the Anniversary Series by Duet Letterpress. Each contemporary-looking card lists the traditional and modern anniversary gifts for years 1 through 5. A small envelope is attached — …

Love It! Specialty Marshmallows

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Who doesn’t drool over an ooey, gooey marshmallow, especially when it comes in finger-licking flavors such as vanilla, strawberry, raspberry (note: this one won Specialty Outstanding Food Innovation …

Love It! New Charley Harper Plates

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I love Charley Harper’s illustrations (as does this couple), and I think Fishs Eddy’s new collection, a collaboration between Harper and Todd Oldham, is punchy and perfect for summer. …

Love It! Wordlock

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If you’ve been busy packing your honeymoon trunks, why not have a little fun with it? Wordlock’s luggage locks are TSA-approved and come in five colors. And with …