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Don't Worry, Get Organized!

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Get tips on everything from announcing your engagement to managing your budget, and even choosing your wedding dress…

Personalizing R.S.V.P.s

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I’m always excited to receive a wedding invitation—so much so, that, unless the invite is very formal, I don’t just check a box when I send in my …

Telling Your Guests How to Dress: What's Appropriate?

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A group of guests in white for a real wedding via Nico Events Lots of factors come into play when dressing for a wedding: Is it outdoors or …

How Will You Be Preserving Your Vows?

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You’ve probably thought about storing your dress, and even your bouquet, but have you considered how you’ll hang onto your vows? I’m not talking about staying true to …

Love It! Health and Beauty Tips

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Healthy lifestyle expert, trained nutritionist, chef, and beauty buff Sara Jane Mercer recently launched a Wedding Wednesday blog, which offers brides-to-be great tips on beauty, getting fit and …

Is It OK Not to Invite Someone Who Came to the Engagement Party?

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We received this sticky-situation query on our Facebook page: Our destination wedding has been pushed back due to financial reasons. Initially, we invited everyone on our guest list …

Help! We Told Our Guests to Save the Wrong Date!

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We received this excellent question on our Facebook page. My girlfriend had her wedding invitations sent by a printing company and, long story short, they made a mistake …

A Glossary of Wedding Terms

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Ever wonder what we’re talking about when we throw certain words around? Get the A-Z on weddings vocabulary in this handy glossary. You’ll find the definitions for specific …