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Erin Furey

Name: Erin Furey
Title: Editorial Assistant, Style
Hometown: Saint Paul, Minnesota
Favorite wedding flower: Peony
Best planning tip: Involve your mom, it will make her so happy -- sometimes you have to relinquish just a little bit of control!

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Summery Bridesmaid's Shoes from American Apparel

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Who does color better than American Apparel? Check out these luscious hues for some darling shoe styles totally within your bridesmaids’ budgets. (They’re all less than $100!) &nbsp…

Wedding Invitation Inspiration

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Clever and cute folds from an Il Bisonte printed piece.  (Everything they touch is perfection.) This could be interpreted into an amazing wedding invitation…

The Best Cookie in the World?

Posted by

Thanks to our new friends at Spin-Spun Confections (stay tuned for more on them!), we were recently introduced to a whole new level of cookie euphoria in Carol’s …

A Favor Guests Will Thank You For

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Send your guests off into the night with a wish for good health in the morning! Underberg’s Bitters have been used for over 150 years as a European …

Behind the Scenes: Marvelous Marble

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There were just too many great things we wanted to fit into our marble story from the spring issue! Here are some extras…

Uchu Wagashi

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I am in love with these beautiful candies and biscuits from Uchu Wagashi.  Unfortunately they don’t ship to the U.S. yet, but how inspiring are these darling shapes …

Congratulations, Shintaro!

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I am constantly amazed by Shintaro Okamoto of Okamoto Studio.  Check out the amazing work he did to win first place at World Ice Art in Alaska. Together …

Behind the Scenes: Relief Wedding Ideas

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Take a look at some of the idea-testing that went into our lace relief story from the winter issue!  Many hours spent pouring through lace sections in fabric …