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Master the accordian napkin fold in 6 easy steps (perfect for a wedding, dinner party, etc.)

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The perfectly folded napkin is so often the cherry on the sundae of a dining table, and we always take special care to ensure that it is of …

Where does wedding inspiration come from? Right here!

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Constantly on the prowl for wedding inspiration in places that have nothing to do with weddings, I often go to one of the many chic French interiors magazines …

Style Inspiration: An Invitation to Chateau du Grand-Luce by Timothy Corrigan

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I picked up the gorgeous monograph, An Invitation to Chateau du Grand Luce: Decorating a Great French Country House (Rizzoli) by Timothy Corrigan this past weekend, and it …

See the New York Public Library's Wedding-Day Transformation

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Earlier this month we produced and designed a wedding at one of my favorite spots in New York City, the New York Public Library.  It was a grand …

In the Details: The Unique Flatware No One Will Forget

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Recently we designed and produced a wedding at one of my favorite spots, The New York Public Library, and as always, after nailing down the big picture of …

DIY Project: Creating Paper Grasses

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We simply love paper. It works its way into many of our events in the form of everything from fanciful chandeliers (like the ones we created for a …

Thinking Embroidery

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Recently I have been looking at wonderful examples of super-deluxe, embroidered monograms on Pinterest for an upcoming wedding that we are working on. I think a lot about …

Wedding Color Inspiration: Yellow

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People either LOVE or hate yellow. I happen to be a lover. Yellow is the color of the sun, of gold, of daffodils—one of my all-time favorite blooms—and …