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Real Weddings Follow-Up: Crystal and Ben, DIY Hairpiece

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Did you love Crystal's out-of-this-world star headpiece? Want one of your very own? You're in luck because Crystal shared her craftiness with a a step-by-step tutorial on the project. You'll be looking like a star in no time!

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Get the how-to after the jump!

Paper (any kind, Crystal used scrap computer paper)
Small scissors
White glue
Paint brush
24 gauge wire
Wire cutters
Silver glass glitter of medium to fine grit
Bobby Pin
Pen or Pencil

Step 1: Fold paper in half twice so you have four stacked layers. Draw “teacher style” stars in different sizes on the paper. Cut out the stars with small scissors. Each time you cut, you’ll get 4 stars. Cut until you have 8 tiny stars, 10 small stars, 7 big stars and 1 extra big star. I usually cut out more than I need and pick the shapeliest ones.

Step 2:
Cut Wire in these lengths and quantities:
4.5” (3x)
4” (5x)
3.5” (5x)
3” (5x)
2.5” (7x)

Step 3:
Using extra paper as a work surface, pour a medium-sized dab of glue in one corner. Dip one tip of each wire into the glue and place on a star. Glue the longest wires onto the smallest stars and work your way down until the biggest stars are glued to the shortest wires. Take a break and wait for glue to dry (at least a half hour).

Step 4:
Using the same scrap of paper as a work surface, pour a large dab of glue in one corner. With your paint brush, paint each side of each star with glue, using the paper as a flat surface to lay the star while painting. Dip each star in glitter, making sure it is well coated (it’s handy to use a spoon to press the glitter on, especially if you’re using medium grit glitter like I did). Continue glittering all the stars and let dry (at least a half hour).

Step 5:
Once the glue is dry, you can start bundling your stars like a one-sided bouquet. Start with the longest wires and smallest stars and layer each group on top, spreading the stars out as you go. It helps to line up the bottom of the wires so you’ll get the proper staggered height. Hold tight to the “bouquet” as you’re working.

When you’d got all the wired stars bundled, take the spool of wire and start wrapping the wires together right below the bottom-most star. Wrap several times until secure, but don’t cut the spool wire yet. Do cut the excess wire off the “stems” of your bouquet.

Step 6:
To attach the bobby pin, place it underneath your bundle of stars with the open end facing the smallest stars. Wrap your spool of wire around the top part of the bobby pin, making sure to keep the wire inside the bobby pin. Snip the wire on the top of your star bundle, opposite the bobby pin (if you snip it near the bobby pin, it could snag your hair when you put it on). Add a few small dabs of glue along the entire length of the bobby pin, adding extra security to keep it in place.

Step 7:
Take your last remaining star (the extra large one), and glue it on the very bottom of your star bundle. Let dry, and that’s it!

When placing these shooting stars in your hair, do so carefully. The glitter likes to snag hair, but once it’s in, it should stay put with little to no extra help, especially in an updo. If you use real sliver glitter, the stars will tarnish over time and acquire a beautiful patina.


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