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The Right Way To Go Blond(er) for Your Big Day

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099fc044b6569eafe3bf0b4f00e49958A feathery touch by LoBoheme worn by bride Jessica

Celebrity stylist Kim Vo (an ambassador for Schwarzkopf Professional's BlondeMe line, but you may remember him from Sheer Genius or Extreme Makeover), shared some tips with us for brides looking to lighten up for their walk down the aisle.

Start early

See your colorist at least six months before the wedding to create a plan. That leaves time for at least three visits, which should be enough to gradually adjust your color.

Bring inspiration

When you have your appointment, take photos of celebrity's color that you love, but be flexible. You and your colorist should work together to create a shade you love and that's realistic for your hair.

Consider your destination

If you're getting married in Fiji at noon, the light is going to be really different from a ballroom in New York City.

Pay attention to the underside 

If you're wearing your hair up, make sure your stylist is coloring your whole head, not just the top layers. If you're not careful, when you pull your hair up, it could be blond on top, brown on the bottom.

Go a touch lighter

Product that's used to keep your 'do in place (like hairspray) can make strands a little darker, so compensate for that when you plan your color.

Stay true to you

Stylists have a saying that the further a woman wants to go from her natural color, the shorter the marriage will be! That's just a joke, but there's some truth to it—don't make major, drastic changes for your wedding day.


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