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3 Tricks to Make Your Blowout Last

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There’s nothing (really!) that makes you feel as instantly polished and put-together as a blowout, making it an easy way to prep for big events like showers or bachelorette weekends. (Plus, stylists always tell us day-old hair holds updos better.) And with new salons that specialize in blow-drying popping up all over, it’s even easier than ever.


But here was our holy grail question: How can you get your blowout to really last more than just one day and look good? We talked to Alli Webb (check out her pretty blow out, above) of Dry Bar (below) to learn how to extend the life of this timesaving style.


  1. Get a satin pillowcase. It's so much easier on your hair than cotton. Sleeping with your hair in 2 loose low braids will also give you a little bend/wave and will help your hair from kinking and frizzing up in the night when you toss and turn.
  2. Turn up the heat. If you wake up and your hair isn't looking polished, just dampen along your hairline and re-blow to give your whole head a freshly done look. If your is is oily, use a little dry shampoo before you wet this area—oily hair is super hard to blow.
  3. When it doubt, put it up. Hair accessories and ponies are a great look for second-day hair. Barrrettes and headbands help camouflage any nagging issues.

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