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Will You Be My Maid of Honor?

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A bride's best friend typically knows she's going to be maid of honor long before Mr. Wonderful pops the question. Heck, she usually knows before he's even entered the picture. To turn the no-brainer into something special, I've seen brides add custom stationery or a sweet gift into the mix, but here's one idea you may not have heard of: a proposal.

A bit crazy? Maybe. Will your best gal love it anyway? Most likely. See how this bride pulled off the perfect MOH proposal—down on bended knee and all:

"I bought Mariah a ring, wrapped it in a box with a pretty bow, wrote her a little spiel on a cute card, then got to planning. I wanted to get her when she was least expecting it, so I surprised her where she was babysitting! The plan was for me to ring the doorbell, be on one knee when she opened it, and her boyfriend would then start the photo sneak attack.

Once she saw me, I told her how much I loved her and how I wouldn't be able to get through my wedding day without her. I told her that it would be a privilege and honor if she would stand with me on my big day, then blurted: "Will you be my maid of honor?"   She said "Yes!" - Jenna

Happily ever after: Bride Jenna and her maid of honor Mariah on the big day.
Photo by Brian Mullins

How are you going to ask your maid of honor to be in your wedding? And what do you think: Would you propose?

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  • I have actually been thinking of ways to ask my best friend to be my maid of honor. I wanted to do something creative and I think proposing is a great ideal. I know she will love it. Thanks for the good ideal. I will let you know if I use it and how it turned out.

  • I would totally propose -- this can be done in the mail or in person, but it always a good idea to make it special. After all, they're going make sure your big day is special!

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