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Sweet Charms from Dodo

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We field a ton of bridal party gift ideas here, so it takes something extraordinary and special to really catch our eyes. One of the recent swoon-worthy gifts I came across are the 24k solid gold charms from Italian jewelry line Dodo. The brand just opened a New York store, making the tiny charms easily available in the U.S. The Dodo pendants are all animals that represent a feeling or emotion (the mouse is small and mighty, the lion represents courage, and so on). I love the idea of buying a different one for each of your bridesmaids—the monkey for the friend you love to hang out with, the dog for you best friend ever, and the dolphin for the sister you would follow anywhere! Eeach charm is priced around the $200 mark, and it's a piece of real gold jewelry that will last a lifetime!

Screen shot 2013-01-29 at 4.00.16 PM

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