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Shades of Pink: Oh Joy's Flower Girl Picks

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Joy Deangdeelert Cho, is a graphic designer, blogger, food enthusiast, and the founder and editor of Oh Joy, a blog that covers inspiration and design with a focus on her favorite things: design, fashion, and food. She's also a mom. And although her daughter's name is Ruby, she still looks great in pink. Joy pulled together some fashionable options that she'd put her little lady in for a walk down the aisle at a very charming wedding. Jennifer Vallez helped illustrate the awesome ensemble.

Instead of a little white dress they probably won't wear again, why not give your flower girls a fun outfit to wear for your big day that they can mix and match into their own wardrobe and wear again?

1. Pom pom flowers by, 2. Shrug from Poppy's Closet, 3. Dress by Nelly Stella (contact to order), 4. paper flowers by Frances & Francis, 5. Gap kids flats.

Here are a few more pink accessories that would make great gifts for your flower girl to wear and use during the wedding or after...Unknown-1

1. heart clip, 2. Noe & Zoe dress, 3. J.Crew necklace, 4. Land of Nod suitcase, 5. Twig Creative toy camera, 6. Schier shoes.

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  • Not so sure that I would go with that kind of ensemble for my flowergirl. Being a flowergirl is, to my opinion, a priviledge for a little girl to dream of being just like the bride. Call me consevative... But I prefer to keep the one-time worn white dress.

  • Definitely agree with Melina - that striped dress is WAY too casual, and so are the brown leather shoes - ugh... Flower girls like frilly, sparkly & fun!

  • Really, ladies? Weddings are entirely personal and this dress might be for the wedding you imagine for yourself. For a certain kind of couple — who may want their wedding low-key and comfortable for their guests — this is a fun and easy outfit. Great job, Joy!

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