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Would You Pay for the Perfect Proposal?

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You're going to tell the story of how he proposed about a hundred times after the deed is done. You know this, we know this, and you hope he knows this. But if you're feeling like he can't handle the pressure (or you simply have your sights set on a certain romantic scenario), now you can advise him to hire some help!

Erin Mavian, left, and Kym Pitlor, right; Photo via

With lost future fiances in mind, Kym Pitlor and Erin Mavian founded Blueprint Proposals, a proposal concierge firm that helps men pop the question. They offer a free consultation followed by two fail-proof proposal plans for prices ranging from $250 to $1,000, which would involve Mavian and Pitlor's full participation. Their argument? "If you're going to spend $30,000 on an engagement ring, you want to make sure [the proposal] goes well," Mavian said.

I've never been on the giving or receiving end of a marriage proposal, but please trust that I've heard my fair share of sweet stories and none have ever included two paid consultants and the exchange of cash. My faves have actually been the ones where only the two most important people are involved.

What do you think: Is it totally impersonal to farm out your proposal or could it be worth the dough?

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  • Wow, what an interesting business opportunity. I wonder how successful they'll be and what kind of involvement they'll provide...

  • yes. I would like to pay if the proposal is really perfect.
    Sometimes, it would benefits you a lot rather than your cost.

  • What a wonderful idea. This way he can focus on her. We hire wedding planners, why not proposal planners?

  • What a fantastic idea! When I was engaged, people asked me all the time how he popped the question. My husband could have used these ladies' help!

  • I'm sure there's a market for it out there and good luck to them! It does give me pause, however - has the focus shifted from what the proposal is actually about to impressing others with a super-amazing story?

  • This must be for those who do not have heads on their shoulders or who have them but lack brain matter.

  • Aww, this seems kinda sad to me. My husband proposed in a way that reflected who he is and who we are as a couple. It was sweet and perfect! Had he paid someone to help him, I don't think it would have meant as much. Plus, I would have been completely embarrassed to ever admit that.

  • Are you embarassed when you have a wedding planner instead of planning your own wedding? Is it any less YOURS?

    Some guys are just not good at it, and the intention is still behind it. Plus he can focus on popping the big question, which is scary in it's own right. It's just a little help to make sure the most important day of his life goes right.

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