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Real Proposal Stories: Divine Signs

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It's engagement season—the time between the holidays and Valentine's day when lots of rings are revealed and that special question is asked. But just because proposals are popping up with higher frequency, doesn't mean they're all the same. I was delighted when my dear friends, Jamie and Shawn, got engaged two Thursdays ago, on December 20th, and totally got a kick out of how it all happened...

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A painted canvas.

1 A painted canvas.

The canvas and a poster.

2 The canvas and a poster.

The laptop screen.

3 The laptop screen.

The TV and iPad mini.

4 The TV and iPad mini.

The full effect.

5 The full effect.

The happy couple.

6 The happy couple.

The diamond stunner!

7 The diamond stunner!

The parents brought a celebratory cake, napkins, and Champagne flutes to kick off the engagement.

8 The parents brought a celebratory cake, napkins, and Champagne flutes to kick off the engagement.

Jamie had dinner reservations at 6:15 p.m. She was celebrating the end of the year with her team from work. They were going to have a few drinks, share some laughs, and enjoy a great meal. By the time Jamie sat down an hour late at 7:15 p.m., Shawn was in a cold sweat. He had left work early so he could prepare for the proposal. His plan was to plaster the apartment with “Will You Marry Me” signs in different forms. He painted it on a canvas, wrote it on a giant foam board, and managed to post it on their TV, different laptops, an iPad mini, and even on a Wii remote control. He was all set by 6:00 p.m. and just sitting there waiting for the big moment.

Meanwhile, his and Jamie’s parents were waiting nearby to celebrate (he called them the day before to give them the heads-up). But when 9:00 p.m. rolled around, Jamie was nowhere in sight.  At 9:30 p.m., still nothing. Shawn was in a panic by this point. Jamie was leisurely enjoying her dinner and a glass of spilled wine didn’t help speed things up. At 10 p.m., Jamie finally texted that she was leaving the restaurant. Shawn contacted the parents to get ready—he was going to propose any minute now.

But wait...It turned out that Jamie hated her dinner, so she stopped to grab a slice of pizza. Even worse, she walked right by the parents waiting outside, who had to duck and hide.

Finally, she got back, she said yes, much happiness ensued, a festive cake was enjoyed, and the rest is history.

Congrats to the happy couple. Can't wait for the wedding!

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  • Well Shawn, you waited long enough to propose(years)to Jamie. A few more hours didn't hurt! Great story.
    Enjoy this special time in your lives. I wish you much happiness.

  • Love you both!! I'm so happy for you. xo

  • Love the story and love the anticipation of the wedding!! Cheers and lots of hugs!!
    J and B

  • Mazal tov! You two are SO cute together! Great story...
    Much happiness!

  • Such a nice story! did us all proud. Our best wishes to this wonderful couple. Mazel Tov to our dear friends, parents of the beautiful bride to always set an example of love and treasuring each other and family. You are an inspiration to us all! Love,B and Z

  • Great much to look forward to...wishing you every happiness !!
    Love, D & N

  • Thanks Everyone!

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