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Real Weddings: Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds

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When Ryan and Blake secretly got engaged last June, they knew it would take careful planning, confidentiality, and a select crew to pull off their nuptials before word got out. Enter Martha Stewart.

We quickly discovered that Ryan and Blake are not like the many altar-bound celebrities who sell their big-day photos to the highest bidder. This public, yet very private, couple's sole wish was to have an intimate affair (there were only 35 guests total). And while they remain protective of images of them on their most heartfelt occasion, they graciously let us share pictures of the elements we created together.

Click here to see an exclusive sneak peek of Blake and Ryan's wedding.

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  • Well-played, Blake.

  • Agreed! Very, very well played, Blake.

  • Very tasteful and classy. Love the old-fashioned bouquet!

  • Well
    A wedding is meant to be a private....PRIVATE... affair between two people...
    You don't show your wedding album to just anyone and although the wedding caterer florist and planner should be allowed to show photos of the elements in their portofolio to others you would not want them to violate your privacy by showing photos of your private wedding,
    In this case Martha Stewart magazine were the wedding planner and are sharing the elements of the wedding with us all just like a planner would show a portfolio.
    Kudos to Blake for having a wedding and NOT a publicity gimmick!
    Congrats to the happy couple!

  • Oh Blake, you sly ol' girl, you played us well, tip of the hat to you, not selling out like the lame timberlakes. You outclassed them all.

  • How did she DO that?
    Well played Blake!!

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