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Love It! Paper Made From Stone

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I am shocked and awed by Ogami's Repap stone paper. I had to drag my co-workers into the craft room just to touch it! It has an unbelievably smooth texture, unlike any paper I have touched before. That's because it is made of STONE and there are zero trees used in its production! Even recycled paper needs water to be made, but with Repap no water is needed (or any petroleum-based substances at all). It is resistant to tearing, it's waterproof, and the stone used to make it is all derived from recovered waste from quarries and industry.

Not only is Repap the best for the environment, its enticing silky white sheets are bound in irresistible covers. Let's hope they start selling it by the sheet soon! For now, it will make a lovely guest book.

You can purchase it here.

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