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Getting My Neutral Fix

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I am a little bipolar in my color sensibilities. My pendulum swings from vivid brights layered with pop-y, graphic patterns to rich neutrals that calm my inner savage beast. Since we are knee-deep in the fall entertaining season, my busy head is naturally drawn to the sedating effects of the natural and the neutral, and I am finding this new book, Interiors Atelier AM by the designers Alexandra and Michael Misczynski very inspiring.

It’s not a wedding book at all, but frankly, I often find wedding inspiration in places other than the world of nuptials, and you might find some here too. The interiors deftly mix rustic and elegant, vintage and new, muted and deeply hued, all in a very soothing, effortless way. It’s a great resource for planning a color or material story for your wedding, and perhaps, for dreaming about what your first home with your new hubby could be like at the same time.

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