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For the Love of Dahlias

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Dahlias are the peonies of autumn, and I always get a tiny bit sad when we get to the end of their season. I love them, especially the grand dinnerplate variety whose blossoms can get to be up to ten inches in diameter! Their color range is fabulous and they are a durable flower, holding up beautifully in outdoor and indoor party environments. Recently I was looking through photos of a wedding we created at the Four Seasons in New York City where dahlias were key, all in luxurious creamy shades, and the images inspired me to share. I hope you enjoy!

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  • Simply beautiful flowers yet so often ignored by brides in the UK. That being said, if peonies are in season, one can see the dilemna.

  • The best dahlias in the world come from the Japanese growers in Carpenteria, CA including the huge Cafe Au Lait from July to September and are available thru select wholesalers in the LA Flower Mart.

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