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Location, Location, Location

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Here's another post from our guest blogger and bride-to-be Katie Evans.

When John and I got engaged, my parents suggested having an intimate party at their house in the backyard where I grew up. I pretty much said thanks, but no thanks. I have always loved the idea of a fall wedding in New York with the trees changing colors and crisp cool air that would require wearing my grandmother’s beautiful fur stole. Brooklyn is where we live and we were excited about having our nearest and dearest come to celebrate in our neighborhood. We put a deposit on a location, found a really cute girl DJ (I love the idea of a fun girl behind the tables) and started working on a menu with one of our favorite restaurants. Then the wedding started getting bigger and more expensive than we had planned.

I had a really hard time letting go of the original concept, but John and I talked it over and agreed that we just wanted a no-fuss party. After rounds of different ideas, guess where we landed? My parents backyard in Florida. I let my parents bask in the “I told you so” moment for a bit and then it was game time.

I recently went home to check out the backyard. My memory was definitely bigger than reality, but we’re going to make it work. My mom and I played with lighting and took a trip to Home Depot to look at plants and mulch. I never thought “pick a mulch color” would be on my wedding to-do list. We looked at a lot of plants that could be planted in the backyard and around the perimeter. I’m a big fan of the fox tail palm. It feels like a sassy tree to me. My mom was into having the sculpted plants form an "altar" at the spot where John and I will become husband and wife.

I’m back in New York now, but I left my parents a to-do list. Unfortunately, I won’t be home until right before the wedding so they are going to work their magic (and Miracle-Gro) over the next couple of months. I’m bummed to miss out on all the weed pulling and mulch pouring (psych!).

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  • Do you have a back up plan if the weather changes? And if it is warm fans make great favors and double as the wedding info or just thank you for joining us.

  • @kathy
    we do have a tent and fans on reserve as a back up. since it's in the evening we're hoping for cooler weather.

  • A family residence- great place for a relaxed, intimate celebration!

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