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Cocktail Hour: The Citrus Martini

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When it comes to cocktails, there are few drinks as smooth and sophisticated as the Martini. For a lighter, fruitier twist on the classic beverage, try this Citrus Martini, which is crisp and refreshing, with a hint of sweet clementine. Citrus fruits are at their peak in the winter, which makes this martini perfect for chilly weather celebrations. However, its bright color and fruity notes also make it a good option for a summer wedding. Get the recipe below, and check out more delicious signature cocktails here. Cheers!

The Citrus Martini (Serves 2)

2 candied clementines, halved lengthwise
6 ounces citrus-flavored vodka
2 ounces triple sec

Directions: Chill two 6-ounce martini glasses. For each glass, thread two clementine halves onto a skewer. Combine vodka and triple sec in a cocktail shaker filled with ice. Shake well. Strain mixture into chilled glasses, and garnish with the skewered clementines. Serve immediately.

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