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Stone Fruit Galore

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I was just in San Francisco last week and noticed a wonderful food trend—stone fruits in savory dishes. I never really talk about savory food because I just love desserts too much! But this was something that really caught my eye and had a bit of a sweet aspect to it. It is stone fruit season right now and all around the farmers markets here in California we have the most beautiful apricots, peaches, plums, nectarines, pluots, and all of their special varieties.

There are so many delicious and simple desserts to make with stone fruits. Fresh nectarine cupcakes with a sour cream frosting is one of my favorites! Or, for a quick dessert, I love to take whatever stone fruit I have at home, cut it up, toss it with a little sugar and a little flour, top it with an oat crumble and bake it while we are having dinner. Serve this crumble with an almond, ginger, lemon verbena, creme fraiche, or just simple vanilla bean ice cream to really take it to another level.

But I digress. Back to stone fruits and savory food: I had one of the most interesting and delicious pizzas at a restaurant called Piccino. It had sauteed wild nettles, gorgeous yellowish-red nectarines, whole milk ricotta, and mint—amazing! And the next night at an equally incredible Japanese restaurant, Umami, I had this sake-roasted beet salad with summer stone fruits (below), a yuzu avocado puree, and panko-crusted goat cheese. It really was wonderful to see all of these delicious fruits going to such creative and different uses. It is one of the few ingredients that seems to work throughout an entire menu. So, when you are planning your summer wedding menu, don't hesitate to use stone fruits from the start to, my favorite, the finish!

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