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Inspiration from Ireland: Greens Galore

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I just returned from a wonderful and inspiring trip to Ireland, where remarkable lush greenery covers the countryside. I couldn't stop documenting every piece of moss, gorgeous fern, or amazing cliffside I encountered–including these incredible ferns, below, that were growing all over a beautiful stone wall.

I love creating bridal bouquets and arrangements with nothing but leaves and foliage. Who needs the colorful blooms when you have so many incredibly exquisite shapes, textures, and tones to play with in the green palette? We have created many incredible pieces over the years featuring only green elements and I often encourage my clients to consider this option for their wedding day. It is ideal for a lush summer wedding or a woodland inspired design scheme. Would you consider going green?

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  • Matthew,

    I am quite jealous of this trip you took to Ireland...I can only hope to visit someday. Love the many shades of green. Was it often cloudy like everyone says?

  • Beautiful Ireland is luschious green at all times.
    We have clouds like other countries too. Dont let that stop your visit.

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