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Oh, Snap! City-Chic Wedding Portraits

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The main concourse of Grand Central Station is generally a spot I try to avoid. Call me a jaded New Yorker, but hundreds of picture-snapping tourists and pushy business men stress me out. So imagine my delight when I was pulled out of a dead sprint to the ticket line by a beautiful bride and groom.

These newlyweds were posing for a few wedding portraits on the way to their reception. (The bride even told me she recreated our wine bottle table numbers for the party!) Something about their beaming faces amidst the chaos was magical—even in my blurry cell phone snapshot (above) they look like movie stars.

I must admit, Grand Central's backdrop of bustling travelers, majestic chandeliers, marble floors, and vintage train schedule displays was way cooler than I expected for portraits. What do you think?

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  • It is quite lovely!

  • I think the pictures were amazing and these two really make a great movie star couple.
    I can attest that the wine bottles were a great idea. I thought they had been made by a company.

  • What a wonderful picture! This is a PICTURE for a magazine cover!

  • What a beautiful couple , great photo

  • A sunlit spotlight on this adoring couple. The heavens are smiling. Great shot!

  • Fantastic! Very New never know what you're going to see. That's what makes it so fun and different. Congrats to the handsome couple!

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