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Golden Globes Report: Lauren Conrad's Red Carpet 'Do

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Check out this soft and stunning updo! Lauren's hair stylist Kristin Ess took a departure from the starlet's signature braids in favor of these elegant rope-like twists. Far from "The Hills" territory, its level of sophistication has "wedding" written all over it. Think you'd do something like this for your nuptials? The style would work wonderfully with so many different types of veils. Want to know more? We got the how-to straight from Kristin, after the break...

Photo by Kristin Ess

1. Mist hair all over with a texture spray like Wella Ocean Spritz; dab ends with a water-based pomade such as Redken Rough Paste.

2. Part hair down the middle to create two large sections; break those in half so you have four sections in total, two on each side of your head.

3. Now it's time for twisting! Break each section into two pieces and wrap those pieces around each other to form a rope; secure rope with a clear elastic. Continue on all four sections of your hair.

4. Using your fingers, gently pull at the rope twists for looser, natural texture.

5. Take a rope twist from one side of your head and drape it over to the other side and pin in place. Then, criss-cross it with another rope twist and pin it in place. Continue until all four are secured.

5. Spray with a medium hold hairspray like Oribe Superfine Hairspray.

Click to The Beauty Department, a blog by Lauren, Kristin, and makeup artist Amy Nadine, for the celeb's gorgeous makeup look (seriously, it's kind of perfect for your wedding!).

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