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Let Sylvie Levine Help You Choose A Ring

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A few weeks ago we were lucky enough to sit down with Sylvie Levine, designer and owner of Sylvie Collection. Her advice about selecting an engagement ring is priceless and her rings, below, are gorgeous. Take note and tell your beau!

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Where should a girl start in the engagement ring finding process?
Always with the center stone. The diamond is the focal point of the ring and the setting should enhance its shape, vibrancy, and luster. Select a shape that will compliment your finger size and shape. Once you find the right shape and size center stone within your budget, that’s when the fun begins. I love helping brides play with different settings because no two are alike. The same stone will look completely different in each setting.

Where should she look for inspiration?
Start with magazines because you can find a fantastic selection of different shapes, cuts, and styles. Once you have an idea of what you're looking for, go online and do some comparison shopping. It’s the best resource!

What diamond shapes are best on what kind of finger shapes?
For a bride that has a shorter fingers, I suggest a more rectangular cut as the length will give her shorter finger a longer look while ladies with longer fingers should consider a square shape. And a classic round brilliant looks great on any hand. For fancy shapes (pear, marquis, oval), I always suggest that brides choose a stone that is proportionate to their ring finger—wider fingers look best in larger stones while smaller fingers look best with more delicate stones. And for the setting, I'd suggest a wider shank or a split shank for shorter, wider fingers while a long or thin finger looks great with a single shank.

How should a girl work with an heirloom ring that maybe isn’t her style but is sentimental. Should she reset the diamond?
Absolutely! Restyling has always been a large part of my business and it’s so much fun. Many women either have family heirlooms or they want to upgrade their original engagement ring later in life. Want to make your original diamond look bigger? Opt for a setting with a halo (or two). Want to give a ring a more vintage feel? Find a setting with filigree and engraving work.

And what about the girl who doesn’t want a traditional ring? What are the options?
Colored stones are great options because they are often more affordable than diamonds—you can get a much larger center stone if you are going with a sapphire or ruby. Stacking bands are great, especially on long, delicate fingers. You can stack as many as your finger can hold, or just wear one or two bands if you prefer a softer, feminine look.

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