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The Wedding Library: Ornate Henna Cakes

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Sandy Patangay traditionally applies henna tattoos to Indian wedding parties, but she's recently branched out with an extraordinary new company Creme-Delicious. Instead of applying henna to the skin, she recreates her intricate designs on perfectly tasty little heart cakes.

How it's done: First her baker creates the chocolate, vanilla, or red-velvet creations, infuses them with chocolate, strawberry, or chocolate-hazelnut cream, and covers them in white fondant. Then Sandy dyes them a bright shade and painstakingly decorates each cake with piping, sugar dusting powder, and sugar beads. Each mini cake can take up to a half hour to adorn! Aren't they beautiful? I think they would make a wonderful wedding favor, or simply an exquisite wedding dessert. What are you thoughts on it?

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  • Simply stunning!

  • Gorgeous! Love the vibrant colors!

  • these are AMAZING and I want them. I was looking for a way to add henna to my wedding!!!!


  • OMG these are amazing!! I want them :)

  • Henna artist turned cake designer.. swesome! Love the crispness and intricacy of the designs. Cant wait to sample them.

  • Henna artist turned cake designer.. awesome! Love the crispness and intricacy of the designs. Cant wait to sample them.

  • PHENOMENAL idea! This is an artist with true talent :) Would love to try one (or more!) of her cakes!!

  • I love all the comments -- hard to believe that these cakes are actually more exquisite in real life!

  • These are simply exquisite! If one were given to me I would feel so special- these would truly help make the occasion! The colors really add to their appeal- bright- without looking garish. Amazing idea.

  • I had the good fortune to actually see and taste these cakes. The cake is not super sweet, but moist and delicious. The cream and fondant frosting is out of this world, tastes like nougat or meringue. Something to savor in small bites, never gobbling. An incredible idea and the best big-impact treat for someone special.

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