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Guest Blogger: To Veil or Not to Veil? That Is Still Heather's Question

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There are only a few days until my wedding and almost everything is set: last minute R.S.V.P.s have been accounted for, vegan meals have been ordered, and the seating chart has been painstakingly finalized.

But there is one thing I can't get out of my head. Ever since the passionate pro-veil comments on my recent post about wedding accessories, I have been considering working one into my look. The Net-A-Porter virtual wedding boutique has been a source of serious inspiration for me, and the folks over there were kind enough to send me some Lanvin options to play around with. I invited my friend, the artist and photographer Jeana Sohn, over to snap some shots of me playing dress-up.

The lace on the first veil I tried on (below) was completely out of this world — so romantic and old-fashioned. And how cute is that bow?

Have you ever put something on that made you want to dance around the room with an ear-to-ear grin? That's what this gauzy number did for me. Trimmed with ostrich feathers, this is about as sexy as a veil can be.

If I do end up wearing a veil, it might just be this one below. Topped with three flowers, it's incredibly special but doesn't threaten to overpower the dress. From the front it has a Mexican feel, which I love. And when I put it on — I don't know — it just felt perfect. Tomorrow, I'll try it on with the dress and I'll see if it feels right. Do you have a favorite?

Los Angeles-based Heather Taylor owns Taylor De Cordoba, a contemporary art gallery. She publishes the blog LA in Bloom and writes a bi-monthly column Chef Speak for The Huffington Post. She is getting married on June 5, 2011.

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  • they are all so beautiful but the last one is "the one"!!

  • YOU LOOK SO PRETTY! The back of #2 is so gorgeous and special. Can't wait to see what you choose.

  • Oh wait! I meant #3, ie "the one" that's my favorite too :)

  • wowie zowie. i really have a thing for #1. but i see what you mean about #3. they are all so dang gorgeous!

  • is it wrong that i would like you to wear all 3??

  • Like Amelia says, I don't want you to have to chose! Maid of Honor says all 3! But if I'd have to chose I'd go with the last one.


  • the last one is perfect!!

  • You know I AM going to comment! The last one is delicious. You would look beautiful in a paper bag, but the last veil is soooo romantic and lovely. Most important of course is if you feel the magic. To wear...or not wear... is how you FEEL in the veil. O.K., I feel better now that I have shared. I love you and can't wait to share in your special day.

  • LOVE the 3rd one! The gauze flowers are delightful. The Mexican vibe is SO summer wedding in the (newly redone) backyard. Good luck this weekend! Sending lots of love to you and A! xo

  • The lace on the first one is amazing, but I'm going with #3 too. Love the flowers and the Mexican feel.

  • all of the veils are pretty- and you are going to be stunning no matter what- i think you have to see the whole look together and then decide. since you are having a garden wedding simply having flowers in your hair would be beautiful too!
    congratulations! ; )

  • Love them all, and can't wait to see what you decide!

  • it is number 3 for me. the simplicity will compliment your CH dress perfectly.


    veil!!!! 100% all the way
    not knowing what your dress is like makes it hard to choose, but you look stunning in all of them, i like 2 and 3, but the photo of you profile with 1 is just stunning! so pick the one that goes with your dress

    but veil all the way, when are you ever going to get to wear a veil after this!!!?


  • i have to say, i have only i regret from my wedding...and it's that i didn't wear a veil!

    wear it lady! you look GORGEOUS!


  • I love them all, but I really love the first one. Not sure what your dress looks like, so I will have to go with the third one based on that it's a bit more simple than the other two. I am sure either one you pick you will be a beautiful bride. Enjoy your day and take it all in. It is the best day of your life! So many memories will become fond on this day. Congrats to you and your soon to be hubby.

    J.P. Archie

  • Definitely the bottom one. It's simple and it won't take away from the wedding dress - which I'm sure is breathtaking.

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