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Fruit Cake: Way More Appealing Than It Sounds

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No, I'm not talking about the butt of all jokes, raisin-studded holiday cake. I've been thinking about how to incorporate juicy seasonal fruits into wedding confections. Pie is delicious but not quite fancy enough to anchor a big event. (Or is it? Let me know if you're done it—I'd love to see pictures.)

Flavored layers, fillings, and frostings are a sneaky way to add fruits. And freshly picked specimens could simply perch on a cake's tiers (like the apples, peaches, plums, pears, and currants below).

Fortunately, I found this gallery, which serves up inspiration on how to incorporate everything from grapes to lemons to summer berries into your dessert.

How are you using fruit (and fruit motifs) in your wedding?

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  • Coming from a little island of Guam, where culture and tradition plays a huge part in weddings. Fruitcake is the cake of choice for all wedding cakes. Throughout the years brides have broaden there desire to go choose other flavors. Moving out here to the states bringing up the idea about fruitcake for wedding in the past 10 years have not received positive responses. I have 4 children and I am determined to keep a tradition that I have learned as a child to have one of my children's wedding cake made out of fruitcake.

    Melinda Wright

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