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Guest Blogger: Heather Shops for Wedding Accessories

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My wedding is 12 days away, and I'm in fine-tuning mode. My inner dialogue is a detail oriented to-do list, with thoughts of finalizing the DJ's song selection, booking manicure/pedicure appointments, and silently wondering, Is there any way in hell that I have time to redo the curtains in my house?

Now I'm turning my attention to styling my head-to-toe look. If you've been reading this blog, you can probably imagine that I'm loving every minute of it. If you haven’t been reading this blog, let me catch you up with a Rachel Zoe reference: I wouldn’t necessarily die for accessories, but I would probably come pretty close.

Vintage Carolina Herrera lace bolero

My dress is sleeveless and I knew I needed a cover-up; I was thinking a lace wrap might be perfect. While I was browsing at The Way We Wore, my favorite Los Angeles vintage store, a gorgeous lace bolero caught my eye. And when the shop's owner, Doris Raymond, informed me that it was vintage Carolina Herrera from the '80s, I almost threw my credit card at her. I loved the idea of pairing old and new pieces by such a classic designer.

Georgian hair comb

The bolero was a happy accident. I was really on the search for some accoutrement to fasten in my hair. Also discovered at The Way We Wore was this Georgian comb from the 1860s which might just end up making the cut. Doesn't it look like it belongs at The Metropolitan Museum of Art?

Kathryn Bentley rings

In addition to my emerald engagement ring, I want some bling to make my look pop. I think I'll turn to LA-based designer Kathryn Bentley, who designs beautiful rings that are both organic and sparkly. Worn on my right hand, one of these beauties will shine without overpowering my emerald.

Clare Vivier custom clutch

And even though I imagine I'll be traveling light on the short jaunt from the ceremony to reception location, I will need a place to stash my lipstick and cell phone. Luckily, my friend Clare Vivier has agreed to design one of her understated clutches, specifically with my wedding day in mind. I know that it's all about the dress, but these meaningful little details will make me feel good and comfortable and maybe even a bit inspired.

There is still one potential accessory that I have yet to close the book on. I hadn't even considered wearing one until a certain Kate Middleton made it look so darn chic. So the question remains: to veil or not to veil? Maybe I should just try one on and see. A little dress up never hurt anyone, right?

Los Angeles-based Heather Taylor owns Taylor De Cordoba, a contemporary art gallery. She publishes the blog LA in Bloom and writes a bi-monthly column Chef Speak for The Huffington Post. She is getting married on June 5, 2011.

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    i loooooooove the lace bolero!
    in every way!

    and i like the hair comb... really pretty... and i like the feel of it with the bolero!

    and how lucky to have a custom wedding CV clutch!



  • All of those accessories just look delicious! Really special pieces!

  • Ok. I would have lost my mind if the synchronistic kismet of Carolina Herrera lace delights had happened to me. I am so excited for you. (This is why I love shopping vintage- the one-of-a-kindness of it, the pure joy of feeling like the greater cosmos are on your side, with the rapture of a perfect purchase all in one.) And, Veil. Even if it is tiny and you wear it for 20 minutes. I say, the more deliciously discovered and perfectly placed accessories, the better. :) xx

  • I agree with the last comment. After all the delightful details you have attended to, why not go all out and do a veil. Could be absolutely stunning! So excited to see it all come together!

  • What if you ALSO found out that Elizabeth Bennet had worn the hair comb?? Talk about kismet!! (I know, I know. Lizzy is a fictional character.)

    I am VERY curious about veils. Let's see some next post, eh??

  • I am laughing so hard at the credit card toss image. Brilliant. You accessories are beautiful - perfectly you, perfectly unique. Gorgeous, lady.

  • A veil could be really chic and old world, and really tie the whole look together. Personally, I think veils are making a comeback.

  • Play with veil idea - I love! Nothing's wrong with a little mystery...


  • Wear a veil - when else can you wear one?

  • I love the drama of a veil. This is a once in a lifetime experience...Just Do It!

  • Yes to Veil!

    I'm getting married in August and for me the Veil was a game changer! When I tried on a long Mantilla with my dress I went from a bride to A BRIDE. It adds a classic, beautiful touch!

  • Who is the lucky man? I see you marrying someone very John Hamm or George Clooney with your great style.

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