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The Royal Wedding: The Bridal Party

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The makeup of a U.K. bridal party is quite different from that of the U.S.A.

In British weddings, especially royal ones, the groom usually names a couple of “supporters.” And the bride is traditionally attended by children: bridesmaids and pages (they carry her train). Occasionally the oldest bridesmaid, if she’s an adult, is called the “chief bridesmaid” or “matron of honour.”

William and Catherine have each picked their only sibling to be an attendant and are using the American terms “best man” and “maid of honour.”  In a way, they’re very lucky -- siblings are safe choices. No hurt feelings!

The other attendants are children -- four girls and two boys, all of them from William’s side of the aisle. (Does the presence of two pages mean that Kate’s much-awaited gown will have a very long train? Hmmmm.)

Another difference in British bridal-party etiquette: The bride and groom customarily pay for the attendants’ attire. This is becoming much more common in America, but it hasn’t become a requirement yet.

How’s your bridal party shaping up? And are you paying for dresses or tux rentals?

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