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Want to Win a Dream Wedding?

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I thought you might! Crate & Barrel just announced its second Ultimate Wedding Contest -- and if I were you, I wouldn't waste any time signing up. The prize is pretty major: a $100,000 wedding designed by celebrity wedding planner Yifat Oren.

To enter, click here. All you have to do to is share your love story, describe your ultimate wedding, and say how you'd decorate your dream home. You also have to have an active registry at Crate & Barrel, but that's easy.

Then, once you've entered, the goal is to spread the word. Just as on American Idol, the couple with the highest number of public votes will advance to the next round, and a winner will be chosen by Crate & Barrel and Yifat Oren in early June. Good luck!

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  • I would love to win because my finance deserved it and more and I can't give it to him.

  • Would love to finish our year much bad has happened..employment..sickness....lot of money problems. Would love to have an amazing wedding for my future husband. I have been married before almost 18 years but he never has and he struggles to keep us going. I have a blood clotting disorder and in the hospital alot..hes always by my side and my children..We have not much to no money but want to be married and be together as a married couple due to mainly our beliefs and our children. We want a red ..white and black wedding..Hes African American and white and 41..we want his my oldest daughter..his sister..and his 2 daughters in our wedding..on his side his best friend ...cousin....2 nephews and our little son Cameron ...Can you help make our life better or even our year by giving us a wedding..not an extravagant wedding just a nice wedding? Thank, Toni

  • my fiance means the world to me and i have never stopped loving him. our love is strong and we have been through many many harsh ups and downs, i could really write a book about it. we have never really had much money in our life and we are also young parents. my husband is turning 23 and i am turning 22, we have a 4 year old son. just thinking about having a wedding of our dreams makes both of us tear up :) . Mine and his family really never have met except for once, his family doesn't really talk to him much. i am close with mine except that my family is really hard headed and stubborn with any decision him or i make, it doesn't even matter what it is they just don't like it, and they never thought we would last 5 years.. we proved them wrong. although i say this about our family they still do love us. i recently quit my job because of issues taking place at home.. my fiance has tried to find a job and will even take side jobs.. he is a very hard worker, more than me i should say lol. for now i am a stay at home mom and make sure my house stays clean and my son stays healthy. i have always tried to save up to have a decent wedding, but everytime i do it has to be spent on an emergecy or something much needed. it's hard even living anymore these days since we are not totally financially fit. my fiance and i have both grown up with a very bad past, he went through physical,emotional, and verbal as well as i did. i have ptsd with some other stuff i do not feel comfortable mentioning, and he has manic bipolar.we recently found out that our son is showing signs of adhd. we are trying hard to get on our feet and give the best possible to our son Rivr. i watch this show on tv called "say yes, to the dress" everytime i watch it , i imagine what it would be like to be in those women's shoes. please please help me make it possible for my fiance and i to have the wedding of our dreams.. it would truly be the most magical day of all our lives. this is something that only happens in our dreams , but i would love to make happen in reality.

  • My mother died April 2009. My fiance and I had our 1st born February 19, 2011. That little bundle, weighing in @ 8 lbs 9 oz, is the best thing to ever happen to us AND my family. She brings so much joy to everyone. I truly believe she's what has pulled my family through the death of my mother. Knowing that my mom won't be @ my wedding hurts more than anything imaginable. But marrying my only child's father will somehow make the world alright again

  • My ultimate dream wedding would be simple, yet elegant. Delicious food, fine wine, beautifully dressed bridesmaids, well dressed groomsmen, the table tops elegant with tulips and jade linens, a dj playing the greatest hits of all times, and most importantly: all the people we love and care about gathered together :)
    Our dream home would have 2 big screen tv's, plush leather furniture, a dining room that looks like something out of a magazine- quality table top decor, 6 seater table made of real wood, 4 bedroom home with an office, the kind only a high powered executive would have, a master bathroom and closet BOTH as big as the master bedroom, a huge California king sized bed with a canopy, and matching armoire, mirrored dresser, 2 night stands, the best wood flooring you can find throughout the house, EXCEPT the bedrooms, where carpets so plush you would think you're walking on a cloud. It would be absolutely amazing, casual and inviting.

  • I was watching your wedding special just the other day. The ideas where wonderful, I had to record that show. Darcy's idea about having input on the wedding dress reminded me of my mom. I guess this is the part that I tell why I would like to win a dream wedding. We ultimately set the wedding date for next June of 2012. My father has cancer and the doctors gave him 2months to live. It would be perfect if we could push the wedding date up. I know he would want to see his baby girl get married. Due to our current financial status we are not able to push up the wedding date. I am going to keep my finger crossed.

  • I am the groom writting this request. My fiance and I have been engaged for four years, and have full coustody of my two children and her two children. For the last two years she has supported all of us allowing me to go to school. And twice she put money away to buy a wedding dress and ended up having to use it towards court fees to help me keep my children away from their biological mother, never once complaining. Six months ago she waiias diognosid with ms and was told there was no cure. She is a strong person gets up every day goes to work as a nurse. And says that one day she will have a wedding where all of her children will get to be a part of it. Please help me suprise my fiance and make het my wife with something that she deserves.

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