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Expert Advice: Photographer, Jacob Arthur Pritchard

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This week, we turned to photographer Jacob Arthur Pritchard for his tips on deciding if an engagement photo session is right for you.

(Full disclosure: Jacob was the photographer for my wedding and did an amazing job. Even fuller disclosure: I did not chose to shoot engagement photos, but definitely wish I had!)

Jacob: "I often meet with couples who aren’t planning to do an engagement shoot, telling me that they simply aren’t interested in taking pictures apart from their wedding. But for the right couple, going into your big day with an engagement shoot already under your belt can be a huge asset."

"First, a portrait or engagement session can be a great way to get beautiful, casual pictures of you together. Your wedding definitely has those 'formal' shots covered."

"Second, it lets you get to know your photographer and build a comfortable relationship. A good photographer will be able to put you at ease, even in intimate dress-lacing moments, but it can take a bit of warming up to get to that point. I love being able to walk in on the wedding day, and the couple just knows what to expect from me. It allows me to jump into making the pictures."

"Third, it gives you extra time to you convey your wedding vision to your photographer even. I gather a lot of inspiration and insight through a couple's personality and aesthetic sense.  All of this early interaction helps guide my approach to their wedding shoot."

Are you planning on shooting engagement photos with your photographer?

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