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Travel: Worldly Registries

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Whether you're a world-wise journeyer with 50 countries under your belt or a traveling newbie who's itching to hit the road, it's entirely possible to create a wedding registry that will directly appeal to your sense of wanderlust.

Ten Thousand Villages possesses a huge stash of well-curated objects that combine pragmatism with good looks, from artisans all over the world. There are raffia baskets crafted in Uganda, alpaca blankets made in Bolivia, and lacquer vases from Vietnam. I'm digging this Indonesian teapot:

REI has scads of on-the-ground gear for adventure buffs. They've got your tents, outdoor cookery, camera bags, and even water-purification tablets for the truly far-venturing. How about a pair of canoes?

Traveler's Joy is the honeymoon-registry spot. Friends and family can easily pitch in toward airfare, accommodations, or even specific activities, so you'll be standing in front of South America's awe-inspiring Igauzu Falls in no time.

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  • Honeymoon register are great! We are using Honeymoon Wishes and we almost have our dream all inclusive Caribbean trip at Secrets paid for! I felt good choosing a registry provided by the resort & recommended by our travel agent :)

  • those are very impression accessories for us..unfortunately, the details is still not complete. can you add the details about them at all?

  • I've always thougth it was a great idea to contribute to a couple's honeymoon. Thanks Martha and gang!

  • Here's a link to my wedding trends story on Word Press. Hope it's of some help.

  • We used REI and Traveler's Joy as our wedding registries and it worked out perfectly. We took a 3 week roadtrip from LA to Portland alternating between awesome camping spots along the coast to unbelievable hotels and inns.

    Our guests loved giving gifts to one or both registries and everyone felt like they were part of the honeymoon. Our thank you cards were fun to send because they included photos of us enjoying our gifts (think new tent, cooking gear, an amazing restaurant, kayaking, etc.)

    Thanks for mentioning these registries, a wonderful alternative to the traditional box stores.

  • What is the best honeymoon registry out there? Is it better to go with a travel agent and have them set up the honeymoon registry or we do it ourselves?

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    Hi jeshudas, I'm happy to help, but not sure what kinds of details you're looking for. Let me know what you'd like me to clarify.

  • Author Comment:

    Hi Sara, It's hard to say which is best. It really just depends on what you're looking for. There are a ton of honeymoon-registry sites out there (The Big Day, Honey Fund, Honeyluna to name a few), and here are some things to consider while doing your research: How much do they charge? Some sites collect a small fee from either the gift givers or the receivers. Will they book your travel for you (or do you even want them to book your travel)? Some just cut you a check for the amount your friends and family have contributed; while others take the money and buy your plane tickets and reserve your hotel rooms, etc, which is convenient but there might be better deals out there. And finally, do you already know exactly where you want to go? If you have no idea, maybe a travel agent would be a better idea, because they can help you choose, and additionally book your travel. However, travel agents often have existing relationships with certain hotel chains (read: they receive a kickback for every room they book), thus they might not always have your best interests in mind. Hope this helps!

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