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Fashion: Jennifer Fisher's a Charmer

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Remember when you were little? If you were anything like me, chances are you had a big, gaudy charm bracelet made of some questionable metal (or, better yet, plastic). But those cherished pendants have come a long way, baby. Take these from Jennifer Fisher Jewelry, a great place to find charms and pendants for your bridal party. You can mix and match pieces, as well as engrave and stamp names, letters, and words to reflect each bridesmaid's personal style. While you're shopping, choose a custom emblem for yourself, engraved with your wedding date or groom's initial. The Interlocking Eternity Circles gold necklace (pictured below) is something you can wear again and again, and even pass down to future generations. How's that for personal?

Do you Bride's Guiders love charm jewelry as much as I do? Is anyone giving it as a bridesmaid gift or incorporating charms in your big day in some clever way?

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