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Special Opalescent Series: Ritzy Bee Events

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This week we've been celebrating the tail end of our summer issue, with a special series tying into our opalescent color palette. And we're concluding with a delicious idea from the girls at Ritzy Bee Events, a Washington DC wedding planning and production company that specializes in crafting uniquely-styled wedding experiences. With more than ten years of planning and production behind them, owner/event designer Maria Cooke and event designer Kelly Seizert bring their fresh perspective, creativity, and detailed planning to weddings and other special occasions. Maria and Kelly also write the popular wedding blog, The Ritzy Bee Blog.

Kelly and Maria love everything about cheese -- except the way a displayed cheese board starts to look after wedding guests have started digging in. So they came up with a simple way to offer your favorite cheeses that's pretty, personal, and downright smart: During cocktail hour, pass mini, disposable "plates" of cheese. Their idea takes a bit of DIY-love, but it beats adding expensive mini ceramic plates to your rental equipment order.

And so, without further ado: A Not-So-Cheesy Cheese Palette. [All photos courtesy of Kate Headley.]

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Read the how-to after the jump.What you need:

-Vellum (or another opalescent paper that is home printer-friendly)
-Cheese Palette Template
-a few minutes with the fromager of your local, organic grocer to help you gather a small selection of cheeses and accompaniments
-basic crafting utensils (double-sided tape, craft knife, shears, oval or round hole punch)
-pretty opalescent accents: double-faced satin ribbons, silk fabric (for napkins), inexpensive capiz shell spoons and spreaders, and pretty rose-colored salts

Print the template onto the vellum, then cut along the border so there is a bit of white space on all sides. Tape the vellum onto the chipboard, then cut the board to fit the vellum, and punch a hole in the designated spot. Plate the cheese and tasty treats, and enjoy!

To create opalescent cocktail napkins, use scraps of dupioni silk fabric to add luxury and sheen, and cut it with simple and ric-rac scissors.

Comments (14)

  • this is fantastic idea, thank you for sharing it.

  • Such a great idea! I want to have a cheese and wine party now!

  • Wonderful idea! Love your blog I am following MarthaWeddings on twitter I wish you could follow me.
    Thank you

  • Although I certainly acknowledge the clear artistry of presentation, ultimately, for the caterer, this becomes an unnecessary bussing nightmare, with no doubt, a lot of wonderful cheeses wasted.

    The successful artesanal cheese stations are designed with absolute architectural precision, and are hosted - a mix of both plattering from rental companies and the more personally chosen platters and items from the designer's own 'in-house' collection.

    Most presentations that turn into a mess actually start out that way- cheeses placed together on on flat - or mixed with fruits etc - breads and crackers piled within baskets ...

    Any cheese station at a bridal reception deserves delicate detail and a gentle guide through the artesanal tastes, and properly should include pairings with great wines, and the notion to provide guests an impromptu gift- not simply hand them a paper board with exotic names and no reference point, and goodness knows, no area to set their glasses down .

  • I have to disagree with the comment above, this is actually a great way to present something different at the cocktail hour. It is no more of a bussing nightmare than a normal plate of cheese scooped up from a presentation table would present, and that is hardly nightmarish at all.

    Kudos to Maria and Kelly for their creativity; I'm already brainstorming ways I can use this idea for future parties in my home (because seriously, how cute would this be for a Valentine's day party?).

  • This idea is adorable! Interesting to read the comment by Christofer because as an owner of a small cheese shop, this does not disrespect the way cheese is presented or served. I love that they actually DID put the cheese in the order of how it should be served and eaten.

    The point of the post is a DIY idea for a wedding/event and this is very much in touch with what couples are looking for when doing wedding original idea.

    Perhaps, Mr. Carlson, you should be reading Food + Wine and not Martha Stewart Weddings if you can't appreciate the novelty of what wedding ideas are all about.

  • Maria and Kelly, this is such a cute idea, great job and a fun DIY...and this is truly what DIY's are all about...FUN...whether it's for your wedding or simply entertaining in your home..always remember to have fun with your projects and to totally not take them so both ROCK...xoxo

  • the concept is brilliantly conceived - for a small group of individuals.

    an original idea alone is not the point - i am only suggesting that this might not be the best idea for a large group, such a beautifully environed wedding.

    let's drop this into a real setting- a typical wedding of 125 guests... your hors d'oeuvre chef is tracking an hour to pass - and has approx 3 to 5 passers - if you are going to introduce an item, there is not a lot of time to prep, or present - you have to guess-timate - first, how are you going to get these to the guests? one at a time ? 30 at a time? on a tray ? from a pick up point ? so, now you've committed all who take this to enjoy all of the cheeses/bread/olives, or....leave half-enjoyed, somewhere -

    the beauty of a station is that the guests themselves decide what is enjoyable to them, and in what amounts to enjoy -

    it is important to play all aspects out from a practical as well as imaginative perspective - imagine you've presented these to all 125 guests; it would be remarkable if even half consumed half of what is presented - that is the simple reality

  • The simple reality is.....this is a beautiful (DIY) idea regardless of how many people attend your event. For those who are not fortunate enough to be able to shell out bottomless dollars for an hors d'oeuvre chef at their wedding reception, this is a way to inject your event with a touch of class. Even if your guests each pick up a cheese board and only consume half of it, at least the waste ends up in a receptacle and not on a table, completely picked over and appealing to no one. L-O-V-E this idea and am seriously thinking about implementing it at my {gigantic} family Thanksgiving gathering :-)

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  • I'm hosting a friend's bachelorette party and she wants to go on a wine tasting tour. Rather than have many plates of cheese and snacks spread out on a picnic table/blanket, I'm going to make these little trays for each person! Agreed that it might be difficult for larger groups, but for 10-15, it couldn't be more perfect!

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