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Etiquette: Who's Going to Help You in the Loo?

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For most brides, wrangling a wedding dress in and out of the bathroom is a logistical difficulty. Sometimes the volume of fabric is a problem* (cathedral train?). Or maybe the lack of fabric is a problem (skin-tight sheath?).

Heck, I had a tea-length silk party dress, and I still was grateful to have my little sister to help me with it.

I've always assumed that helping the bride during a pit stop was the job of the maid of honor. (Unless she wasn't right there when needed, and then it falls to whatever attendant is around.)

But some attendants are squeamish -- and some brides are really private. So before you get to that night -- or that toilet stall -- ponder which woman you can comfortably tap.

Who's going to help you?

*Advice for brides with a train: Park head-in.

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  • My wedding planner was there to help me!

  • Yes, I have heard horror stories of brides trying to use the loo. I have heard that the most successful way to tackle the task is to use the handicap accessible stall and attack it face forward. With a little help on both sides, your dress, your underskirt and all should be fine. Oh and pull the wad of tissue before you begin. Good luck ladies!

    Oh the things we go through...

  • This post is invaluable! Brides should also have an attendant or family member who knows how to bustle their dress. Aleah has bustled many a dress for our brides before, and the process is made much slicker if you're familiar with the dress and bustle.

  • When I had to answer nature's call, my MOH and 2 friends (already married) just took me out of the dress. It was easier than holding up the train, crinoline and I could do my business in "private" Being in the bathroom with my heels blue undies and veil was a little entertaining though...

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