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Jewelry: Cathy Waterman Engagement Rings

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Cathy Waterman is a household name on the red carpet, so naturally the designer's engagement rings are every bit as dazzling as the gems Charlize Theron, Leighton Meester, and Julia Roberts have been known to wear. To illustrate that point, here's Dana Gati, Director of Public Relations for Cathy and officially one of the luckiest girls I know. Why? Because her fiance got her boss to design an engagement ring just for her. (I know what you're thinking, but, no, she doesn't normally do custom rings. That said, her designs are so special they all feel one of a kind!) I love the floral detail on the sides and the shape of the diamond; the ring has the feeling of a vintage estate sale piece, but with a modern twist. If you like what you see, point your fiancé toward Twist Online and Ylang 23 to buy a Cathy Waterman original.

What do you guys think about custom engagement rings? Did any of you get custom rings or have input on the design of your ring? Or do you plan to?

Dana Gati and her new custom engagement ring by Cathy Waterman! Congrats, Dana!

All photos courtesy of Dana Gati and Cathy Waterman

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  • Sooooooooooooooooo beautiful. The future bride and her Cathy Waterman ring! Visit the collection at Best ~ joanne

  • The beautiful photographs were taken by Gretchen Bayer....

  • Thank you Sherri!!!! All my love, Dana

  • The more personal, the better! My fiancé took [w/permission] the diamond from my mom's old wedding ring and the diamond from a ring his mom had and wanted to in corporate them together on 1 engagement ring. The 2-diamond setting was a bit difficult to find, so he settled on a simple 3-pronged ring that included a new diamond for me :) It's so special and personal I'll love it forever!

  • The flowers for prongs is a great detail!

  • The other beautiful sentiment about this ring is the name that Cathy chose for the design, "Gentle Flower". The attention to details of the setting compliments the qualities of the diamond, all making a perfect fit for the bride to be. Dana, it must feel wonderful to be the inspiration behind the "Gentle Flower" engagement ring designed by Cathy Waterman. One thing I know for certain is that your fiance' knew how much to be involved and when to get out of the way! Well Done!

  • This ring is so beautiful! It is so Edwardian in nature. Vintage yet modern! I love it!

  • I love the mix of vintage and modern in this ring. It is almost exactly what I would choose for myself!

  • I love being different so I went with custome. My ring is the ring of my dreams. I told my fiance' what type of stone I wanted (tanzanite) and that is excactly what I got! I wanted something unquie, and simple! It's everything I dreamed and more. It's over a carat of a solitary tanzanite with 5 small diamonds on each side of the white gold band. It's the perfect blue/purple tanzanite! I just love my ring. I wanted something that was totally different from what everyone we know goes for (the diamond) and he delieverd! We have a great jeweler in our town that my fiance' worked with, who has done a great job including on our bands!

  • Absolutley stunning ring, no wonder the future bride is positively glowing!!

  • Wow. Stunning. I have never seen anything like it!

  • Wow, what a beautiful one of a kind ring. It has an antique look that I love.

  • Are there other designers that have similar designs? We live in SC and Waterman rings are not in any store near here. Thanks!

  • I wish that Cathy Waterman made single stone rings when we got engaged. We've been married for over 12 years and I have the flower & vine band with two other bands for my wedding set -- just would love a solitaire to change things up sometimes I have to say, people are constantly commenting on my rings, so kudos to Cathy Waterman.

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