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Honeymoon: Cave Dwellings

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If someone asked you what rock you crawled out from under, you'd take it as an insult, right? Well, no more. I'm rethinking the saying now that I've seen these rooms in the remarkable cave hotels you could be staying at on your honeymoon. Luxurious, well-designed, and cozy, they're everything you wouldn't expect from a big ol' rock.

Capadocia Cave Resort and Spa in Capadocia, Turkey, is a luxury hotel nestled within an area replete with some of the world's most unique rock formations, called "fairy chimneys."

At Alexander's Traditional Cave Houses in Santorini, Greece, whitewashed walls along the Caldera give you a quintessential experience of the Greek Isles.

Though the rooms are all above ground, the intimate candlelit restaurant in the Caves in Jamaica still offers guests a subterranean refuge.

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  • My husband and I went to Cappadocia for our honeymoon (we also went to Istanbul and Bodrum) and stayed in a cave house while there - it was such an amazing experience and I highly recommend it!!!!

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