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Event Planning: Making It Personal

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I'm always delighted by the level of commitment our clients bring to the planning of their wedding. Many brides (and grooms) devote hours, weeks, and months to crafting meticulously detailed personalized accessories for their special events. Angela Hurley is one of those special clients who managed to find some late-night hours after long days in the office to create paper items with a very personal touch.

You see, Angela is an architect, and she wanted to bring some of her love for architecture into the wedding. So she created graphic cut-outs of landmarks and important buildings in New York City to stand in as the seating cards, programs, and menus. I really fell in love with the clean, modern aesthetic she applied to these pieces. They didn't compete with any of the other decor and made great conversation pieces for all of her guests.

These cards had a dual function: One side detailed the dinner menu; the other, the ceremony program and schedule of the evening's events. Each table was assigned a specific building or landmark, with the graphic cut-out at the top of the card acting as the visual signifier for the guests seated at each table -- both clever and chic!

I managed to steal a few minutes on the busy wedding day to grab a few pictures of her paper creations!

Thanks, Angela, for creating such great, inspired accessories for your wedding! They were beautiful and very personal.

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